Who We Are

The Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition (ERVCC) is composed of conservation groups, recreational groups, academic experts in various fields related to ecology and conservation, and individuals dedicated to the protection, preservation, and regeneration of Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley and Ravine System.

We are concerned with the cumulative impact of the large number of river valley projects that have been proposed or planned in the past few years in Edmonton. We would like to see a shift in focus away from “access” in the river valley toward “approaching the river valley with a mindset of humility and respect.” This means understanding natural richness and history of the river valley and holding the city accountable to its own environmental commitments and public education.

Our philosophy: 

We support conservation and restoration of Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River valley and ravine system, through a systems-level focus on biodiversity, ecological integrity of the corridor, and history. This philosophy reflects the river valley bylaw, which states as its first goal: “to ensure preservation of the natural character and environment of the North Saskatchewan River Valley and its Ravine System.”

Our aim: 

To facilitate communication, learning, and cooperation amongst river valley conservation groups; to work together in an organized way to advocate for the conservation and restoration/regeneration of Edmonton’s NSRV and ravine system through participation at public hearings, public education, and political advocacy.